Soprano and Harp

Zoe Vandermeer accompanies her singing on the Welsh Triple Harp,  Italian Baroque Triple Harp, and Celtic Harp, in the Baroque, Classical, Bel Canto and Contemporary repertoire, as well as her own compositions.

Venues in which she has performed include the American Swedish Historical Museum Philadelphia, Glasgow International Early Music Festival, Festival de Deia Spain, Sao Paulo International Harp Festival, Somerset International Harp Festival, American Harp Society Summer Institute, Russian River Chamber Concerts, San Francisco Academy of Art Museum, Pollok House National Trust Museum, University of Massachusetts Renaissance Center, and elsewhere.

Al dolce guidami, from Anna Bolena, by Donizetti, Zoe Vandermeer, Soprano & Welsh Triple Harp
Ah perdon, by Mozart, arr. Bochsa, Zoe Vandermeer, Welsh Triple Harp
Brillante, by-Sophie Corri, Zoe Vandermeer, Celtic Harp
Come Heavy Sleep, by John Dowland, Zoe Vandermeer, Soprano & Italian Triple Harp
Dowland's Adieu to Master Oliver Cromwell, Zoe Vandermeer, Italian Triple Harp
Last Rose of Summer, Zoe Vandermeer soprano & Welsh triple harp