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Zoe Vandermeer is an opera singer, harpist, and composer.  Here is a list of some of her copyrighted works:

Zoe's Musical Fairy Tale, Upon A Time

This classical crossover work has frequently been compared to Phantom of the Opera, Sweeney Todd, Into the Woods, Secret Garden, Narnia, and Harry Potter.  The story, lyrics, and music are by Zoe Vandermeer.  

"Any fan of enchanting contemporary opera will fall pleasantly victim to the genius found here" - Melissa Harmon, Get Fancy Magazine

The work is scored for singers, choir, and chamber ensemble.

The Enchanted Nightingale  

A commissioned work, it was favorably reviewed by the Antioch Ledger. 

The premiere was given with the Contra Costa Chamber Orchestra, Zoe Vandermeer, soprano, Oakland Chamber Chorus, and Sonos Handbell Ensemble.

Zoe Vandermeer's work is scored for coloratura soprano, orchestra, chorus, with optional handbells.

In Man's Heart is a Little Room

A premiere given by the San Francisco Sinfonietta, with Zoe Vandermeer, soprano soloist. 

Zoe Vandermeer's composition is scored for soprano, string orchestra, and violin soloist.

There is also a chamber version scored for soprano, violin and piano.  The chamber version was premired for the Berkeley Music Club.  Ms. Vandermeer was a recipient of their Emerging Artists Fund.


The classical crossover song by Zoe Vandermeer is 9'20", and scored for soprano and harp.

Text and music by Zoe Vandermeer.

This evocative 11 minute harp solo composed by Zoe Vandermeer can be played on a Celtic harp or pedal harp.

Love is a Shadow No More
In the style of contemporary classical Art Song, the vocal demands are best suited to a coloratura soprano, with piano accompaniment.  Words and music composed by Zoe Vandermeer.

Hiding in the Light

With words and music composed by Zoe Vandermeer, this riveting song for voice and piano is rhythmically driven with an unforgettable melody.   This song won Second Place for Best Classical Song (Crossover) by the international songwriting organization Just Plain Folks.  It was subsequently included in Zoe's Musical Fairy Tale, Upon A Time.

Icy Waters
Rates 5's and 4's at the TAXI Convention in Los Angeles by Geffen, Island, Atlantic and DSM Producers.  The song is in Zoe's Musical Fairy Tale, Upon A Time.

Night Vision

Night Vision emerged as Zoe's improvisational style composition on Celtic harp.

Many More... Please enquire.



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