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Vandermeer Semi-Finalist Premiere Opera International Competition

I was invited to sing December 10, 2021 as a Semi-Finalist in the Premiere Opera Foundation International Vocal Competition. The Live audition took place at the First Church Christ Scientist on Central Park Ave., New York City. The hall was beautiful with a lovely acoustic. It was a delight to be able to sing in person once again, after more than a year and a half of the covid lockdown. It was heartwarming to sing to the fine accompaniment of my colleague Michael Fennelly. I sang Al dolce guidami, from Anna Bolena as my first aria, and was asked to then sing Care selve, from Atalanta, by Handel. In preparation, as is often the situation with opera auditions, we had to secure our own warm-up location, which can sometimes be a challenge. To keep costs down, I stayed at the YMCA a short distance from the venue, and had made arrangements for my vocal warm-ups in the small room there. Travel by taxi to the venue protected my deep reddish purple sequin gown from the wheels of my luggage and the streets! Passersby didn't seem to mind my last minute touch-up warm-ups outside the side door before I went in to sing! It was a wonderful day, and although I am terribly self-critical of my vocal work, ever striving for the ultimate perfection at all times, I had a feeling of triumph after I sang, simply because I sang the music as I felt it, and my voice was soaring. And so was my heart. Afterwards, after a large decaf latte at Le Pain Quotidien, I strolled down the sidewalk gazing into holiday shop windows, and saw the writing 'Make it Magic' on the store front window. The name of my (now-passed) beloved horse, Magic. Coincidence? It was indeed a wonderful day.

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