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Al dolce guidami - Revisited

Sometimes, with time, come new perspectives on an aria or role, a tempo or phrase. Such it is with Al dolce guidami, from Anna Bolena, by Donizetti. This is the third time I have recorded it (late April 2022). The first time was Fall 2017 in which I accompanied my singing on Welsh triple harp. The second time was June 2021. The interpretation has changed each time, and I feel that I am now closer to what Donizetti had intended - a moment in time in which Anna, after delivering a bit of wild 'mad' singing, settles into a reverie, recalling the good times. When feeling disoriented, in a state of despair, disbelief, anger, betrayal, and fear, humans have interesting ways of protecting themselves from stark realities, and one way to do this is to check out - or, focus on the beautiful memories, when all is, or was, well. Yet still, amidst that dream-like state, a cry emanates from her mouth, a frantic fioratura escapes her throat, and then, a plea for her life, followed by an all out cadenza of passion with a lingering trill, ending with a hint of diminuendo - that last hope. Beautifully accompanied by Allan Conway, here is the unedited video of the aria.

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