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Voice, Welsh triple harp, slow, and amply ornamented in the Da Capo with vocal ornaments of Isabella Girardeau's 1711 London performance singing Handel's famous aria 'Lascia ch'io pianga' from the opera Rinaldo, ornaments beautifully transcribed for harpsichord by William Babell. Sad, slow, simple, mournful, ...passion quelled. When singing, it feels like the ornaments adorn the notes with questions. Practiced with a metronome, faster, slower, with piano, with harpsichord, with harp, with cello, unaccompanied voice, all in silence staring at the stars in dark winter, or silently screaming into the vast wind pouring off of the ocean, ever searching for the connection between the notes, in the notes, around the notes, and everything that they could possibly mean. Slow, yes, in this particular rendition. Tempo, if allowed, can respond to emotions, time, space, and even the setting. Listen:

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