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HARP LESSONS - Online, Connecticut

Soprano and Harpist Zoe Vandermeer provides comprehensive harp training and coaching for aspiring harpists in Celtic, Early Music, Classical and Contemporary genres.  Zoe is dedicated to helping harpists find their unique path and artistic expression through developing reliable harp techniques for lever harps and historical harps.  


Harp students learn:

  • Musicianship Skills

  • Harp Techniques

  • Repertoire

  • Ornamentation

  • Stylistic Interpretation

  • The Art of Arranging

  • Composing for the Harp

  • Harp Ensemble

  • Improvisation

  • Continuo


Member, American Harp Society and Early Music America

Prize-winning Graduate, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

Roster, CT Commission on Culture and Tourism

Recording Artist


Zoe Vandermeer, Welsh Triple Harp, St. M

Zoe Vandermeer has given performances, masterclasses, and presentations for the American Harp Society, Rio International Harp Festival in Sao Paulo, Glasgow International Early Music Festival, International Festival de Deia Spain, HarpCon2003, Bloomington Early Music Festival, Somerset Harp Festival, ELyrica Summer Program CT, and elsewhere. 

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