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Zoe Vandermeer Music
Original Songs and Compositions

Zoe Vandermeer sings her classical crossover/musical theatre style song 'Hiding in the Light', copyright 2002.  In this particular recording, Zoe sings with pianist Eric Trudel, and was recorded at Engelmann Hall, Baruch College, New York City, December 2006.  Zoe composed the music and lyrics.  The song won Second Place for Best Classical Song in 2002 by the international songwriting organization Just Plain Folks.  The song became included in 'Zoe's Musical Fairy Tale' and is sung by 'The Guard' in Act I of Zoe's operatic fairy tale.  Tenors who have sung the role include Tim Krol and Lars Woodul, both of New York City in performances in CA and CT.  Zoe Vandermeer performed 'Hiding in the Light' in 2002 in her solo performance of 'Zoe's Musical Fairy Tale' at Borders Books San Rafael at the CD Release Performance Event, at the Where Eagles Dare Theatre in New York City in 2005, at the Hartt School Faculty Concert in 2008, and at numerous venues in Scotland, CA and the East Coast. 

Hiding in the Light copyright by Zoe Vandermeer copyright 2002 all rights reserved worldwideZoe Vandermeer, Soprano, Composer, Lyricist, with Eric Trudel Piano
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